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Synthesis Spotlight: Elevating Design Conversations at Diamond Schmitt and Turner Fleischer


Featured Guests

Michael Leckman, Principal, Diamond Schmitt
Sam Horton, Administrative Assistant to the Principals, Diamond Schmitt

Ellen Bensky, Principal, CEO, CFO, Turner Fleischer
Peter Frost, Manager - Marketing + Communications, Turner Fleischer 
Marco Marcoccia, Senior Designer/Technologist, Turner Fleischer  

Webinar Summary

This month’s Office Hours features team members from Diamond Schmitt and Turner Fleischer sharing how they engage their firms in design conversations on their intranets.  

Diamond Schmitt's Michael Leckman and Sam Horton will share how they:

  • Brought offline design conversations online  

  • Achieved 20% growth in Open and Engagement rates within 6 months

  • Use positive reinforcement to mitigate employee fears about this type of sharing  

Turner Fleischer’s Ellen Bensky, Peter Frost, and Marco Marcoccia will discuss how they:

  • Reinforce their new One Studio approach to studio culture

  • Build transparency and understanding through design discussion during a period of change

  • Integrated a new Design Director into the firm

This webinar is on Tuesday, August 27th at 11:00 am PST.