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Synthesis Spotlight: Employee Onboarding at Parkhill, Smith & Cooper


Featured Guests

Dawn Moore, Corporate Director of HR at Parkhill, Smith & Cooper

Webinar Summary

Using their firm’s recent growth as a catalyst for change, Parkhill, Smith & Cooper (PSC) revamped their employee onboarding experience to be more efficient and to connect more deeply with each new team member. 

The new employee onboarding process starts with in-person storytelling on key topics such as firm culture and strategy and continues with just-in-time digital resources hosted on their intranet, RED, throughout the first year.  PSC has successfully onboarded 70+ employees in the new program and is seeing improvements to new employee engagement on and off the intranet.

In this month’s office hours, Dawn Moore, Corporate Director of HR at PSC, will take you behind the scenes of their revamped employee onboarding program. 

You’ll learn how PSC:

  • Kicks off employee onboarding with an interactive session using the intranet

  • Orients new employees into firm culture and builds community from day one

  • Collects feedback from new employees and integrates this into the onboarding process 

This webinar is on Thursday, September 19th at 11 AM PST.