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Synthesis Spotlight: Leveraging an Intern to Increase Engagement with Technical Content


Featured Guests

Amy Starling Rampy, Senior Associate at TBG Partners
Adrianne Kartachak, Intern at TBG Partners

Webinar Summary

This month’s Office Hours features Amy Starling Rampy, Senior Associate at TBG Partners, and Adrianne Kartachak, Intern at TBG Partners. Amy and Adrianne will share how they significantly increased consumption of design best practices, how-to’s, and guidelines on their intranet, The Roux.  

TBG launched The Roux in July of 2017.  They quickly realized that there was an opportunity to increase the availability of known and requested practice content on their intranet.  To accomplish this before The Roux’s first anniversary, they connected a technical expert with a summer intern to surface, organize, and promote their most essential content.  

In this webinar, Amy Starling Rampy and Adrianne Kartachak will share their process for how they increased engagement on the Practice community.   

You’ll learn how TBG:

  • Surfaced key technical practice content into infographic posts and wiki pages

  • Significantly increased Practice community views & users in just two short months

  • Leveraged an intern to support their intranet

This webinar is on Thursday, November 15th at 11 AM PST.