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Synthesis Spotlight: Cross-Office Communication @ Shive-Hattery


Featured Guests

Amy Anderson, Marketing Information Coordinator at Shive-Hattery

Webinar Summary

This month’s Office Hours features Amy Anderson, Marketing Information Coordinator at Shive-Hattery.

In 2017, Shive-Hattery’s employee survey turned up an actionable insight: Employees were beginning to feel disconnected from their colleagues due to geographical barriers. Firm leadership saw an opportunity to use Shive-Hattery’s intranet, SHare, to reconnect the offices and help fulfill the firm’s One Firm Vision.

Today, all seven offices are sharing news and announcements on SHare, and 30-60% of employees read 1+ office news post weekly.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Shive-Hattery:

  • Created a shared vision for change

  • Supported change agents with analytics

  • Incorporated change into firm culture

This webinar is on Thursday, December 13th at 11 AM PST.