Register for KA Connect 2019

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
San Francisco, CA
April 30 + May 1

Terms & Conditions


KA Connect 2019, to be held on April 30 and May 1, 2019 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California.


You may cancel at any time before March 31, 2019 by notifying Knowledge Architecture ("KA") through e-mail at and receive a refund of your fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations received after March 31, 2019.

Use of Information

By submitting this Registration Form, you agree that your name, address and email address will be made available to other persons attending the Conference, speakers at the Conference and sponsors of the Conference.

Consent to Recording and Use of Recording

The Conference will be captured in a videotape or similar recording as well as photographic images (the "Recording"). The Recording and/or video clips and still images thereof may be made available to the public through the Conference website and/or through other Internet outlets via streaming media and/or physical media including downloading, the creation of DVDs and delivery to the public via distribution partners. You may appear in the Recording either as a member of the audience or by participating in an interview or discussion session. By submitting this Registration Form and attending the Conference, you hereby grant permission to record your appearance in the Recording and for the use of the Recording as described above, without any compensation to you.

Conference Information

All opinions expressed by speakers at the Conference shall be the opinions of such speakers and not of KA. KA shall have no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or utility of any information presented at the Conference. KA's participation in the Conference does not convey its approval, endorsement, certification, acceptance, or referral of the contents of any presentation made at the Conference or any product or service mentioned in any presentation or offered by any sponsor of the Conference.

Force Majeure

In the event that the Conference site becomes unavailable, KA will use reasonable efforts to secure a comparable alternate site and will notify you of such alternate site. If the Conference is cancelled, you will receive a refund of your fee. However, KA shall in no event be liable for any other loss or damage in the event that the Conference is cancelled or affected by any act of God, fire, casualty, flood, war, strike, shortage or any other cause beyond KA's reasonable control.


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